Our Technology

Facial Analysis

Our facial analysis technology scans, detects and analyzes the customer’s facial shape, features, measurements, skin tone, eye color, emotions and construct photo realistic 3D model of face with in seconds.

Body Measurments

Our advanced body measurments controls let you adjust your body measurments and make your 3D body avatar with in seconds.

Digital Assets

Our skilled team have created the most photo realistic 3D digital clothes in the pakistan. Our proprietary platform and robust data set are unparalleled.

Virtual Try-On

Our 3D virtual try-on technology allows customers to see themselves in 360° angles with stunning realism..

End-to-End Solution

Trykr offers the ultimate virtual styling experience for your online store. With a host of proprietary technologies, 3D visualization, and industry know-how, this state-of-the-art system is delivered via an easy-to-implement workflow.

  • Digitize Garments

    Digitize any garment add it to your brand’s dressing room with the help of our 2D to 3D conversion mechanism.

  • Integration

    This one-time installation process takes less than a day to set-up. All you need is a few lines of code, and you’re up and running.

  • Content Management System

    Our content management system is an intuitive, one-stop solution with product management interface, and user-friendly analytics dashboards.

  • Analytics

    Gain insight into valuable data that was previously impossible to access. Information such as body sizes and shapes, desired fits, preferred styles, mix and matching, and ultimate purchasing triggers will help you make well-informed decisions, increase sales, and reduce costs.

Increased Value for Shoppers,
Increased Revenue for You

Boost Conversions

An engaging 3D virtual styling experience allows shoppers to confidently select garments in their correct sizes, converting visitors into paying customers.

Bigger Baskets

Being able to try on multiple items at once gives shoppers the confidence to purchase based on their own unique look.

Reduce Returns

Minimize product returns by providing customers with exceptional sizing information through our virtual try-on experience.

Engage Social Media

Turn shoppers into loyal brand advocates and bring more visitors to your website when they share their delightful styling experience on social media.

Valuable Business Insights

Our Analytics tool provides real-time business intelligence on your shoppers, helping to develop marketing strategies and grow sales.

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Our Other Solutions

Virtual Glasses Try On

Our state of the art 3D face reconstruction technology provides innovative solution for eyewear retailers, easily integrate with your websites.

Virtual Hair Try On

Our technology also provides virtual hair try on solution for hair dresser and beauty salon, just purchase a license and you are ready to go!

Custom Faces in Games

Game Development companies can use our technology to allow gamers to create their own custom photo realistic faces in games.